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Xtra Long Loop Board

Artesanos de San Pedro


Perfect for chopping, serving, and displaying food, this board was made in Guatemala from solid caro caro wood. Each handmade piece has a slightly different look - we think that's what makes them so stunning! 

Wooden cutting boards become more beautiful with each use. The oils from foods and hands will help season the board. You may notice the fibers of the wood lifting after repeated cutting, cleaning, or over-soaking. To smooth, use fine grit sandpaper then oil your board with food safe wood oil. 

  • 24" L x 10" W
  • Carved from solid caro caro wood
  • Organic design for a easy, natural grip on handle
  • Made in Guatemala

Who made this product? In a small town outside of Antigua, Guatemala, Artesanos de San Pedro have created a workshop dedicated to the sustainable production of handcrafted wood products. They supply our cutting boards and wine stoppers.

Why is it sustainable? The Artesanos de San Pedro procure recycled or sustainably sourced wood from the Smartwood Alliance in order and use eco-friendly production methods, in order to protect the bountiful wildlife that surrounds their community. 

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