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Round Loop Handle Board

Artesanos de San Pedro


Organic outline and substantial size of this wooden board will have your guests in awe! Cut your cubes of cheese and serve with wooden utensils to make a grand statement of sustainability. 

  • 14" D
  • Carved from solid caro caro wood
  • Comfortable grip, curved to natural fit
  • Due to wood being a natural material cutting, soap, and water will lift the fibers. To smooth it back down, you use fine grit sandpaper then use food safe oil.
  • Wooden entertaining board are quite a stunning 
  • Made in Guatemala

Who made this product? In a small town outside of Antigua, Guatemala, the Artesanos de San Pedro have created a workshop dedicated to the sustainable production of handcrafted cutting boards and wine stoppers.

Why is it ethical? The Artesanos de San Pedro procure recycled or sustainably sourced wood from the Smartwood Alliance in order to secure the future of the wildlife that surrounds their community. 

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