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About Sobremesa

A handmade lifestyle brand, Sobremesa by Greenheart supports fair trade, environmental sustainability and conscious consumerism.

About Sobremesa

A handmade lifestyle brand, Sobremesa supports fair trade, environmental sustainability, and conscious consumerism. The word'sobremesa’ means ‘over the table,’ and our name is inspired by the Spaniards’ tradition of lingering after a meal to savor the conversation and company of others.


We celebrate the traditional methods used to create our goods, and every item has a story, whether it’s about the revival of a glass-blowing factory in Guatemala or a weaving cooperative whose name is inspired by the rhythm of traditional foot looms. Each product is designed to empower the artisans and strengthen their community.

 Sobremesa, based in Chicago, shares the story of our products and the artisans who make them, connecting people and panet.  We invite our wholesale customers to become aware of their impact on the global community.

Sobremesa invites you to share our story whenever family and friends are gathered around the table.