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Solid Wheat Napkin

El Tun


Understated but elegant, the weave of this fabric makes for a durable napkin. This napkin was handmade by artisans in Guatemala and is sure to make an ethical statement for your kitchen.

  • 20" L x 20" W
  • Loom Woven
  • Made in Guatemala

Who made this product? A group of Guatemalan artisans known as "los Gigantes" use traditional weaving techniques and foot looms to make their beautiful textiles.  By dyeing the threads before they are woven into the overall fabric these artisans can determine the design of their textiles.

Why is it ethical? Sobremesa by Greenheart works directly with the artisans to ensure fair trade principles are upheld. These artisans forgo robot machinery for good old-fashioned foot-powered looms that won't leave a carbon footprint on the environment.


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